WinShrink 1.0

It allows you to compress, encrypt, backup, create self extraction files, etc.
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WinShrink is a very useful program that allows you to compress/decompress and encrypt/decrypt files, make backups, upload zipped files into an FTP location, create self extraction files, convert compressed files, and UU/XX encoding. For compressing files you can select the compression level, method, and process. The supported formats are Bh, Cab, gZip, Jar, Lha, Tar, Zip, and ZipSplitter. The default option to compress files is Zip but you can change it when adding files in the options tab. For encrypting files the supported methods are RC2, RC4, DES, and Triple DES/DES 112. When encrypting/decrypting files you have to remember the password because it is not possible to recover lost passwords. For backups you can choose any of the suggested jobs for files/folders you wish to zip or create your own job, and schedule it or upload the zip file to an FTP server. To create a self extraction file you have to select a compressed file and the target file will have EXE extension. This file will be able to extract the compressed content without having to open any program. The convert option allows you to convert any compressed file to another compressed extension file. The encoding option allows you to convert files from binary to ASCII in order to send files via email.

Roberto Jimenez
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  • You can schedule backups and zip files into an FTP location


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